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Simple Giveaway Pro Overview

Simple Giveaway Pro mixes powerful advanced features with time tested programming to give you the freedom to run your giveaways your way!

Simple Giveaway Pro was designed to make creating and running your giveaway as simple and quick as possible. Designed as a massive extension of existing code from our Simple Member Pro software, it provides a stable backbone to power your giveaways. Installation is a breeze with a built in on screen install process and completes in under 10 minutes. The advantage of using Simple Giveaway Pro to run your sites is that the script allows for quick and simple installation and customization. You can literally have your site up and ready to go within a single day, provided you already have your graphics and text ready when you install. Points based referrals, jv upgrades to allow banner and text ads, and programming based on a time tested and proven solution give Simple Giveaway Pro a huge advantage over other solutions.

Check out our key benifits below and don't forget to view our online demo to see for yourself how with Simple Giveaway Pro you can have your very own giveaway event up and running today!

Key Features
Points based system. Points are earned through referring JV's and members, by upgrade, or by purchase. Poinst can be used to add gifts, text ads, and banner ads to be displayed in the members area.
Add members to an Aweber or Prosender autoresponder on signup. Member and JV signups have their own responder settings so members and JV's can be put on seperate lists.
Support for JV banner and text ads. JV's can upgrade to add their own banner and text ads to be rotated in the member and JV areas. Ads are on a points system and allow for unlimited ads as long as the jv has the required points needed.
Support for unlimited gifts per JV. With the points system JV's can add as many gifts as they want provided they have enough points.
Points based ranking. Gift rank can be raised by trading in points for rank. The ratio is 1:1 meaning one point traded in will raise the rank by 1. Rank is assigned to individual gifts instead of to a JV's entire account.
Simple Giveaway Pro

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